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"One of us always tells the truth...

...and one of us always lies."

The Cutest Little Goblin (Of Them All)
10 November 1988
Hello and how are you today?
abandoned buildings, absurdity, alternate mindstates, animal rights, asian babies, avoiding misery, avoiding responsibility, being confused, being creepy, being happy, bizarre attractions, blind optimism, book steerpike, brad dourif, brian froud, cabinet of dr caligari, castles, celtic music, cesare, cheese, confusing people, confusion, conrad veidt, corvids, cows, creatures, creepiness, dead can dance, decay, dr. prunesquallor, dreams, drinking, drinking liquor, drunk ghost noises, eating, exploring, fables, faeries, faery, fairytales, finding creepiness sexy, food, forests, freaks, gargoyles, getting drunk, ghosts, giant dirty sexy spiders, goblinkin, goblins, gormenghast, grotesqueries, happiness, happy puppies, harlequins, hinduism, hopeless romanticism, hot jellybabies, hyena laughs, hyenas, incense, invisible scary skeletons, jesters, jokes, jokes about he-man, jokes at bad times, kate bush, labyrinth, labyrinths, larp, laughter, love, magic, making fun of people, mannequins, marijuana, mazes, mental illness, michael emerson, monsters, mother nature, mystery, nature, no war, old buildings, old things, peace, pizza, playing games incorrectly, psychotic men, psychotic people in general, puppets, puppies in general, quirkiness, rats, realistic joke endings, really bad jokes, really creepy guys, reverse racism, riddles, role playing, runes, scary skeletons, scary things, sideshows, sleeping, smiley faces, smoking weed, somnambulists, spirituality, steel wall of niceness, steerpike, steve buscemi, stories, stripes, suikoden, swashbuckling school, tales, terry pratchett, the impossible, the joker, the man who laughs, the nothing tra-la-las, the obscure, the ugly, tiny tim, touching police officers, trees, tricksters, ugliness, unreasonable rage, vegetarianism, war is pretty bad, weed, weird laughs, weird turn ons, william hinks, withnail, withnail and i, yoga